Saturday, 17 May 2008

Thanks God

It was very upsetting moment was when "D" to think about "B" as she was single.
I couldn't believe that she could imagine me cheating my friend, she tried to explain that "B" would never think about him again, I begged her to try.

B&M is a love story I've mentioned long time ago, the used to represent the romance to me, I remember walking in the rain and looking at them; the way he talks, the way she smiles were just wounderful.

Yet, things went in the wrong way; for some reason, she didn't find what she was looking for, maybe he was under pressure, maybe she couldn't tolerate, all in all he left.

He left while everyone looked at him as he was the naughty or probably the evil.

We all supported her, while he was lonely, left and remained lonely.
Like everyone who leaves; he could find a better life, he could just hang out, and find a much more beautiful girl than the brunette one.

Yet; I had that phone call sometimes later, I could easily recognise his voice, and to be honest I was quite harsh to him.
At that time he cried and kept begged me for help.
I thought it was a usual feel of guilt that many people feel after a break up, but it was not.

For a year and a half, he kept calling me, asking how she is, and trying to get her most updated news, I kept asking him to forget as I could tell that she would never think about him again.

Someone proposed, she started working, a sad event happened, she changed her phone no and she stopped mentioning the matter.

However, he went on, kept trying and never gave up.
The words of this song were flying around me every time I think about the matter

Getting busy with working hard, took me away from them for not more than a month and a half, to hear something I couldn't dream about.

"They're back to each other"; words were said by Salam, by Wise and "D"; all of them were upset saying that, they're still against him.

But, I'm so pleased, all what I know that he went there, faced the curfew and all the horror.

And just yesterday; I phoned them at 4 a.m where they live together; he was laughing "we'll call you later".

The true love wins; of course it does.

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