Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Mad

He keeps doing the odd things

He tries to be nice

Tries to help

Tries to draw a smile on their faces

Yet, ends up alone


Thinking deeply

It all failed

Disturbing rather than helping


Or irritating


And sometimes

Sounds Hippocratic to them

Yet, he couldn’t stop

Never ever changed

He is indeed

The mad

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The Right Decision to make Mistakes

Sara and I are both from Basra; our mothers were friends when they were young. Yet, life took us far away from each other; I spent nearly half of my life in the Dearest Baghdad while she did her medical school in Basra.

Well, at the moment we’re living in the same city and planning to move to the same one as well, we also miss the same place.

Meeting Sara means bringing back all the memories we have; on the train we had a special story to remember, she knows about it better than I do, yet, it’s familiar to both of us.

I met Dr. A once in my life when I was a little boy in 1991, of course he doesn’t know me but I heard a lot about him.

My mother and aunts were friends of his wife; I remember one of my aunts mentioning her with criticism as she had five children which sounded too much for my aunt.

As far as Sara concerned, he represents a friend and a doctor who she admires.

He had a very good reputation in the Teaching hospital in Basra as he was the head of that hospital.

One night, in the early days of the war, the invaders decided to change the life of him forever, as usual their “kindness” doesn’t know limits, and they don’t hurt anyone unless it’s a “simple” mistake.

A stray rocket “knocked, and requested to get inside” and changed all the dreams, “by mistake” he got a misery, on that night, many numbers were changed, especially the number of his family members.

All of a sudden and for no sin, he and his wife had to realize that, they’ve got one son as his two other sons and two daughters went to the other world, where there are no beasts.

Those four were part of the loss, but the whole of it, his mother, his sister who had just finished her high qualifications in medicine, and his nephew who insisted to spend the night in his uncle’s house rather than going with his parents.

And not quite sure whether I missed to mention someone else.

All what Sara ended the story with, was telling me that his wife was unable to cry and he was crying in dark.

I just wonder why was that family destroyed, won’t be surprised if someone says that the Iraqi government was around.

Is it the way saying that “Americans and Brits are stupid idiots”? Does that mean by all the means that they don’t care about human beings?

I’ve seen many reports and movies which tell about stopping big operations just because someone would be hurt; is it true?!

In case it was a mistake; was there any plan to stop further “mistakes”.

Al-Amriya shelter was a mistake, killing Layla Al-Attar was a mistake, a million of Iraqi children were left to die without food or medicine under the sanction was a mistake, raping people in Abu Ghraib prison was a mistake, killing many families during the war was always by mistake, destroying the Iraqi army was a mistake, what Black water members did was a mistake.

Yet, I heard “the pig” Bush, lying again and again “"The decision to remove Saddam Hussein was the right decision early in my presidency. It is the right decision at this point in my presidency and it will forever be the right decision”.

I think they said before that the war was about protecting the world from the weapons of mass destruction which America thought “by mistake” Saddam had.

But his decision was right, was absolutely right, the right thing which led to many mistakes but still right.

I wonder what the next mistake will be. Wish not fragmenting Iraq.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

6 Days in Sweden

“You’re still the same person I know”
That was the first impression Saif got after seeing me; it’s my first vacation from work, after doing the exhausting week of night shifts, I took my flight and went to see Saif and Mohamed in Sweden.

It was a nice week, seeing them made my mood much better, chatting about the old days, our schools, friends, families, love stories and our struggle to succeed.

The most interesting thing in Sweden is the number of Iraqis, in a city like Malmo; you can see Iraqis as much as you see Indians in London!!

I could feel their warmth which I’ve been missing for a while; they didn’t allow me to pay anything there, we all were invited in someone’s house as there is a guest coming from the U.K.
And of course; loud discussions which ended no where!

As well as a religious talk by the same guy who spent an hour and a half the day before telling us about his experience in “Group Sex”.

The most pleasant thing was the ambition I could see in Saif’s eyes; he is still the same admirable guy, the same one who used to be the excellent naughty student.
He passed his language course in two months time, preceded to the next one and looking forward to be a qualified doctor; I’m sure he will succeed and seeing him gave me a hope in a better Iraq, as he hold Iraq in his heart all the time.

We spent the last day in Copenhagen, it was very nice, I’m not a womanizer but their beauty is exceptional....LOL

I’ll leave you with some photos

The flag on the wall in Saif's little flat

Somebody made a sick jock telling me there is no chocolate in Sweden!!


Malmo; Iraqis call this square ساحة عنتر

Iraqi food in Sweden



Wednesday, 5 March 2008

لللأسف سفلة

وجوهكم أقنع بالغة المرونة

صفق إبليس لها مندهشا

وباعكم فنونه

وقال : إني راحل

ما عاد لي دور هنا

دوري أنا

أنتم ستلعبونه !

في كل يوم

تقولون قم يا صلاح الدين

كم مرة في اليوم توقظونه ؟

كم مرة على جدار الجبن تجلدونه ؟

أيطلب الأحياء من أمواتهم المعونه ؟

دعوا صلاح الدين في ترابه

واحترموا سكونه

لأنه لو قام حقا بينكم

فسوف تقتلونه

ورثة إبليس ) لـ أحمد مطر)