Saturday, 28 June 2008


I was totally shocked when she was laughing with the colleage who is in her age saying: “I know that you’ve got a very tiny onein between your legs”.

I kept quiet as he didn’t reply the way I would, and everyone took it as a funny joke.

I felt that this western girl had just crossed the red zone.

As a child, teenaher or a young; I had no input from the family about sex, my father never discussed it with me, neither anyone else did, No explanations, no warrnings and no advise.

And none of my freinds had such discussion with their parents.

I don’t know whether the mother teachs her daughter anything about sex or they keep it quiet as men do.

By the age of 15, I couldn’t imagine how a man would be able to ask his wife to give him something she keeps protecting for ages “how would he dare? And how would she agree? “Was the question which I couldn’t imagine an answer for it. It was totally away from my mind that the women would be looking for such thing.

With time I realized that these things come without discussions; at least in my culture!

Talking about sex is something most people would avoid in my culture, many would be brave enough admitting that they don’t believe in God, but when it’s about sex, then we would be crossing the limits.

What happens for the newly married couples? What is accpetable? And what is not? All are questions without answers.

Whatever happens in between the man and woman would be for them only not to be explained or discussed with the others.

And the only thing we learnt from religion that having anal sex is haram according to Sunnis while Sistani consideres it Halal.

I believe that regardless where we live; it’s more related to the way that we were brought up considering sex a highly privete and embaressing matter.

However, this might sometimes lead to dizasters, and yet, we should keep quiet about those dizasters and not to discuss them in public!

Well; few stories I know would raise many questions:

The first one was “O” whose freinds were concerned that he was quite shy and wouldn’t achieve the mission in the first night.

Trying to help him; “M” voluntarly added some whisky to his juice without letting him know, thinking that would kill the shyness.

As a result of that, the poor “O” spent his first night vomiting as he never had alchohol before.

What a fun his wife had.

The second one was a lady who had some sort of phobia from sex; it took them a week rather than a night to do it for the first time.

They kept telling the doctor that they’re having sex every other night, while in fact they hardly managed it once every week, no wounder they got no children, which is disturbing their life.

The third one was a lady whose husbend had another woman in his life, which was enough to turn her life into a misry.

Trying to calm her down, I explained that he might be looking for fun and sex as feels he is still young.

“But, he is not quite good and keen on these things” was a reply which I kept quiet after hearing.

And the forth one was about a couple who also didn’t have children, kept checking with their doctor and all the investigations were always normal, the lady was absolutely fine and the guy’s sperm sample was always normal untill he was asked to give the sample in the clinic not to bring it later.

He admitted that he kept bringing his freind’s sample as he knew already he had a problem but didn’t want to lose his pride.

From those storeis I can tell that; we have poor education about sex and we consider sex as a matter of dignity (especially for men) as man can’t be impotent and can’t be sexually inactive, and in case he was then he is supposed to keep quiet.

While women’s dignity is preserved since she is a virgin which is another complex we’ve got

It’s not about one or two guys, but thinking about the third story, I had a discussion with one of the urology doctors back home; I thought he would have seen many men at their fifties and sixtees seeking help.

He told me that many guys at their thirtees and twentees are seeking help to improve their sexual performance, but of course that should be a secret.

Compared to the western world, we’re totally different; when “S” went to her son’s school seeking the teacher’s help as the child was asking about the difference between man and woman, the teacher was surprised and replied to her “Don’t you and his father walk naked at home?!!”.

I’m not here trying to say which one is right, but I believe that we’ve got a serious problem which should be solved rather than kept as taboo.

If men are not performing enough, they should seek advice, they should keep in their minds that women need them to be sexually active and try their best to make them enjoy being together rather than having it as homework.

We need to think more about the new generation and start teaching them proper things rather then letting them learning from the street.

I think the matter was brilliantly discussed in Adel Immam’s movie “Sleeping in honey” And another movie "The Ostrich and the Peacock"

Monday, 23 June 2008


"I hate you, OK! I really do, I hate you"

A second ago she was showing her sympathy for the poor lonely me!
She said that with a big smile on her face, as soon as I told her about my plan for this trip.

Well; I was doing night shifts last week, so they gave three days off work, I didn't know what to do, and eventually decided to visit the lovely place everyone talking about: "Venice".

Romantic is the proper description for this place, I think I was the only single in the whole city.
Yet, I had a good time walking around and taking about 600 photos.

After arriving to Marco polo airport; I found myself totally lost, eventually I put my things in a taxi and rushed to the hotel.

Arriving there, I realized that my hotel wasn't in Venice itself, but it wasn't too far, just 20 minutes by train.

The city itself is not big; it's really walkable, all what you see is narrow rivers

Narrow roads to the extent of one person width

Lovely bridges

And of course lots of wounderful churches were you find great paintings.

I was given a book before going there telling me where to go

S. Marc square is a very famous busy place

Palazo Ducale

It was a problem that photos are not allowed inside most of the places, yet; I managed some

Academia is a big famous church, were flashes are not allowed but photos are fine

Leonardo Da Vinci has got special place

Then, while walking around, I found somewhere got Peggy collection; رجاءً لحد يسأل منو هذا لأن ما أعرف بس طلع بيه العينتين

هو رسوماته كلش بديعة ؛ غير بس لو أفتهمها !!!

There were other exhibitions which I visited like the musical instruments one

With the sunset, Venice looks different

And for sure, I'm still following the instructions and had the chance to eat the lovely Italian food
But fride squids wasn't great; just like eating cartilage

And very nice cookies and sweets

Everything is artistic even the internet cafe

Sitting on the train, going back to the hotel, I asked myself: where does this place remind me of? Narrow roads, old houses, small narrow rivers, and gondolas?

My childhood, visiting grandma in Abu Al-Khasib, isn't it pretty similar to this one, how does it look like now? It has been such a long time since my last trip there.
Basra could have been more beautiful.

Any way; guys, especially(Iraqi rose Marsho) who I exceptionally wish seeing her there , you should go to Venice when you have partners, the only reason I went there is if not now then would never.
I share this with you as I've got no one else......
I'm exhausted at the moment and again doing nights.......

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

What to buy them?

I was already prepared for this phone chat.

“Hi, is it A&Eiraqi”

“Yes, how can I help?”

“My name is F, and I’m the guy who newley proposed to your little sister, I just wanted to talk to you introducing myself”.

Well; we talked for about hal an hour, a careful chat, explaining our points of view, what our future plans are and trying to tell what we want.

He sounded so polite and enthusiastic.

After a little while, I sat down and started thinking; she is old enough now, I just can’t realize that she has been at the marriage age, nearly a qualified dentist! Still remember that she was only 15kg, what a time! It’s running.

All that time we kept fighting, it was always her and I, fight even without reason, we used to disagree just to disagree, I was always strong enough to beat her up but she was smart enough to keep crying so loud and gaining the parent’s support ending up with me having a hard time.

And yet she is now a bride (3aroosa); how ome?

Well; I explained to him that the (Yes or No) is not my role in this matter; it’s her fathr’s and hers, my duty is to help her as much as possible, and since she chose him, then it’s my duty to support them.

Oh, God, am I not going to attend her wedding? I won’t see her in the white dress, and not hug her at her wedding.

Poor sister, you’ll be alone at this moment, hopefully mum will be there as well as my older sister, wish they would help.

Sice then I started thinking what to do? What to prepare?

What should I buy her? And what should I buy him? What can I get to please her?

It’s the only opportunity I got to please her; it’s the only time I can help.

I want to buy her a dress, what typ of dress; I know nothing about women’s wear, but I want to buy her something nice, a stylish thing, what else?

Maybe a nice suit as well; God, don’t know what to do, but should do a lot.

I phoned my mum who instead of giving me her advice, kept praying to see me getting married.

Mum; I’m not going to get married, I tried my chance and failed, that is so enough, please stop it.

It’s not only mum, but strangely everyone is trying to push me in that direction, like I was the only single man in this world.

I just want to co ncentrate on helping them without interupting their privacy, I just wish them all the best and not to fail like I did.

I wish him all the best and wish he knows how to manage a relationship not like me.

Ok, everyone please; I’m waiting for your suggestions about the dress I buy her.

I’ve found one which could be nice but not sure

Yom ilelkom

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


"Yes, you're neither Sunni nor Shia, you're a baathist".
OK, that was what Firishteh said yesterday while chatting quickly over the phone.
I assume she said the word to be an accusation or maybe an offense.

She is not the only one who accuses nowadays, in addition to baathist;I've been accused of being; Sunni, Saddamist, Arabist ,affected by his mother and biased to Shia and eventually Iranian/3ajmi!!!

I honestly don't feel like being on any of these sides, but whoever says something should be shat up by one way or another.
I never joind Baath party, never claimed being a herro, never defended Saddam, never been shia, and wouldn't claim being sunni as it's not something I would be proud of.

It's just the concept of ignoring the facts to defend one side , is what pissed me off.
Accusing them would be the easiest way to shut them up, as people would be busy defending themselves.
This is implied on all the sides not only one side; whoever against the corrupt government, is a sectarian sunni baathist, whoever against baath or disagree with what Sadda did is an Iranian/American's shoes licker.

And the most fin is accusing someone of causing all the problems would help hiding the truth that we're sinking in a mud.
Thinking about this matter, I found this photo which made me smile.

The one who draw such thing should be baathist, isn't it

Sunday, 1 June 2008

ماذا سوف تصلح ؟

قالوا مسبقاً أننا لعبة الأقدار وها قد أثبتتها لنا الأيام: وها هي الأقدار تتلاعب بنا كما لو كنا أرجوحةً تقذفها حيثُ تشاء لتعود الى نقطة الصفر.

سبحان الله! نفس الوجه, نفس الإيماءات و نفس الإبتسامة, نفس العبارات الرنانة التي ما قتلت ذبابة, و نفس الوعود الغبية التي ما رأينا منها سوى انها كانت سراباً ظنناهُ ماءً من شدة عطشنا.

اليوم عاد لنا أسدُ الأمس بحركاتٍ تناسبُ قرداً في سيرك , ظاناً ببساطة أننا نفس السذج الذين صدقوه, متناسياً أن المرء ينجحُ في الإحتيال حين يأتي بجديد و لكنهُ يكون شديد الغباء إذا ما حاول أن يعيد الحيلة ذاتها.

لقد ظهر (القوي الأمين) سماحة الملا الروزخوني إبراهيم الأشيقر ليخبرنا أنه شكل (تيار الأصلاح) و أنهُ عائدٌ من جديد بعد أن إنشق عن حزب البلوة, راغباً في تصحيح الأخطاء التي شابت العملية السياسية.

والله أني لأشعر بالغثيان.

عن أي أخطاءٍ يتحدث؟

الطبيب الذي لم ترك مهنته ليعمل (ملا) نسي أن جل الأخطاء حصلت تحت قيادته السديدة و ما كان منهُ إلا أن بادرَ بصمتٍ جعل الجميع يؤمن أن ما يجري أنما يجري برضاه .

فمن مجلس الحكم الذي كان هو أولُ رئيسٍ لهُ و من أعلن تشكيل أول حكومة بادرت بنهب البلد وسلب ثرواته, ولم نسمعهُ يوماً ينتقد مجريات الأمور أو يعترف بأخطاء, وكان من ضمن الموقعين (إن لم تخني الذاكرة) على قانون إدارة الدولة سيء الصيت.

الى حكومةٍ مؤقتة شغل فيها منصب نائب رئيس الجمهورية ليصمت لشهورٍ عدة و المدن العراقية تقصف بهمجية الآلة العسكرية الأمريكية.

الى ثورة الأصبع الأرجواني التي أنتهت به في سدة الحكم لنعيش أيام الدريلات و التصفيات الطائفية و التشرذم السياسي, و كتابة دستور تم الخروج عليه قبل إقراره.

الإشيقر الذي إعتاد أن يصدع رؤوسنا بخطب رنانة لم نفهم منها شيئاً سوى أنه رجلٌ يحبُ أن يبقي فمهُ مفتوحاً لأطول فترةٍ ممكنة يتحدثُ اليوم عن أخطاء.

قائد حزب الدعوة الذي وضع عناصر حزبه في مختلف المواقع الأدارية العليا (وهم الذين فشلوا في إيجاد عمل في الخارج) مدعين أنهم تركوا مواقعهم ليخدموا بلدهم, تغافل هذا القائد عن سرقة الأراضي في بغداد الجديدة و بيعها على المواطنين؛ إنشق عن حزبه بعد أن تجاهله أعضاء الحزب لينخبوا سواه, إنشق عنهم و يتحدث عن إصلاح !!!

(القوي الأمين) الذي طالما تحدث الناس عن انه ذو حالة مادية بسيطة و لا يملك من المال شيئاً, تخرج مظاهرات نسائية بالألاف مرتدين (حجابات) مكتوبٌ عليها مؤسسة الجعفري الخيرية!!! فمن أين لك هذا؟ هو ليس من أموال الخمس التي تجمعها من الناس فتلك للفقراء لا للدعايات, أرجو أن لا تكون من أموال الشيطان الأكبر فتلك حرام بحسب أراء الخميني الذي ما تزال صورته معلقةٌ في بيتك.

عليك يا حضرة الدكتور أن توضح لنا عن أي أخطاءٍ تتحدث وماهو الإصلاح الذي تبغيه, و يكفيك إستخفافاً بعقول البسطاء, أنت يا من توحد العراقيون(رغم فرقتهم) على رفضك فلم يزدك ذلك إلا تعنتاً حتى أدركت أن السيل بلغ الزبا فخرجت لتخبرنا أنك تتنازلُ عن حقك في قيادتنا كما لو كنا إرثاً ورثته من أبويك.

يبدو أنك لم تدرك بعد أنك كنت و بأمتياز أفشل قيادي عرفهُ العراق و أغبى رئيس وزراء منذ طوفان نوح
أتمنى لو انك تصلحُ نفسك

ولكن لا حياةَ لمن تنادي