Tuesday, 10 June 2008


"Yes, you're neither Sunni nor Shia, you're a baathist".
OK, that was what Firishteh said yesterday while chatting quickly over the phone.
I assume she said the word to be an accusation or maybe an offense.

She is not the only one who accuses nowadays, in addition to baathist;I've been accused of being; Sunni, Saddamist, Arabist ,affected by his mother and biased to Shia and eventually Iranian/3ajmi!!!

I honestly don't feel like being on any of these sides, but whoever says something should be shat up by one way or another.
I never joind Baath party, never claimed being a herro, never defended Saddam, never been shia, and wouldn't claim being sunni as it's not something I would be proud of.

It's just the concept of ignoring the facts to defend one side , is what pissed me off.
Accusing them would be the easiest way to shut them up, as people would be busy defending themselves.
This is implied on all the sides not only one side; whoever against the corrupt government, is a sectarian sunni baathist, whoever against baath or disagree with what Sadda did is an Iranian/American's shoes licker.

And the most fin is accusing someone of causing all the problems would help hiding the truth that we're sinking in a mud.
Thinking about this matter, I found this photo which made me smile.

The one who draw such thing should be baathist, isn't it

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