Monday, 23 June 2008


"I hate you, OK! I really do, I hate you"

A second ago she was showing her sympathy for the poor lonely me!
She said that with a big smile on her face, as soon as I told her about my plan for this trip.

Well; I was doing night shifts last week, so they gave three days off work, I didn't know what to do, and eventually decided to visit the lovely place everyone talking about: "Venice".

Romantic is the proper description for this place, I think I was the only single in the whole city.
Yet, I had a good time walking around and taking about 600 photos.

After arriving to Marco polo airport; I found myself totally lost, eventually I put my things in a taxi and rushed to the hotel.

Arriving there, I realized that my hotel wasn't in Venice itself, but it wasn't too far, just 20 minutes by train.

The city itself is not big; it's really walkable, all what you see is narrow rivers

Narrow roads to the extent of one person width

Lovely bridges

And of course lots of wounderful churches were you find great paintings.

I was given a book before going there telling me where to go

S. Marc square is a very famous busy place

Palazo Ducale

It was a problem that photos are not allowed inside most of the places, yet; I managed some

Academia is a big famous church, were flashes are not allowed but photos are fine

Leonardo Da Vinci has got special place

Then, while walking around, I found somewhere got Peggy collection; رجاءً لحد يسأل منو هذا لأن ما أعرف بس طلع بيه العينتين

هو رسوماته كلش بديعة ؛ غير بس لو أفتهمها !!!

There were other exhibitions which I visited like the musical instruments one

With the sunset, Venice looks different

And for sure, I'm still following the instructions and had the chance to eat the lovely Italian food
But fride squids wasn't great; just like eating cartilage

And very nice cookies and sweets

Everything is artistic even the internet cafe

Sitting on the train, going back to the hotel, I asked myself: where does this place remind me of? Narrow roads, old houses, small narrow rivers, and gondolas?

My childhood, visiting grandma in Abu Al-Khasib, isn't it pretty similar to this one, how does it look like now? It has been such a long time since my last trip there.
Basra could have been more beautiful.

Any way; guys, especially(Iraqi rose Marsho) who I exceptionally wish seeing her there , you should go to Venice when you have partners, the only reason I went there is if not now then would never.
I share this with you as I've got no one else......
I'm exhausted at the moment and again doing nights.......

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