Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Life is Different

Know been away from you for a while, but, I've been pretty busy changing my life.
Been busy getting my life sorted and arranging for my future.
I didn't have the chance to write anything for the last few months, I wounder whether I became out of thoughts or just didn't have the chance to sit down and think prperly.
Anyway, all in all; I'm much happier and life is brighter since I met the lovely S.

Our story went like a challenge, or propably a mission I decided to hold, I always belived that we would make it, don't know why! But, since I met her, I thought we belong to each other.
Everyone thought that we're so different, but I never thought so.
Doesn't matter, we proved that nothing could stop our love, we've proved that there is always a hope(Never Ever Give Up).

By the end of March, everything was sorted and the last weekend was our engagement one.
Our families were gathered in a little lovely meeting ended with celebrating our engagement.
Couldn't wait long, the weekend after, we arranged for the religious marriage.
I went to the room to see her, it was the first time I saw her without herself wearing the headscarf, Oh my God, she looked like an angel, couldn't belive my eyes, couldn't belive that she is my wife now.
I always thought that money would help in life, it's strange that I'm thinking in a different way now, spending any second with her is more importent than having a big fortune, she is my fortune.
I love S to the extent that I worry about her in case I'm not the best for her, I love her like never knew what love is ever before.
I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her.
With S everything is beatiful, life is much different now, it's more beutiful.
Here few photos from our engagement and our new life.