Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Life is Different

Know been away from you for a while, but, I've been pretty busy changing my life.
Been busy getting my life sorted and arranging for my future.
I didn't have the chance to write anything for the last few months, I wounder whether I became out of thoughts or just didn't have the chance to sit down and think prperly.
Anyway, all in all; I'm much happier and life is brighter since I met the lovely S.

Our story went like a challenge, or propably a mission I decided to hold, I always belived that we would make it, don't know why! But, since I met her, I thought we belong to each other.
Everyone thought that we're so different, but I never thought so.
Doesn't matter, we proved that nothing could stop our love, we've proved that there is always a hope(Never Ever Give Up).

By the end of March, everything was sorted and the last weekend was our engagement one.
Our families were gathered in a little lovely meeting ended with celebrating our engagement.
Couldn't wait long, the weekend after, we arranged for the religious marriage.
I went to the room to see her, it was the first time I saw her without herself wearing the headscarf, Oh my God, she looked like an angel, couldn't belive my eyes, couldn't belive that she is my wife now.
I always thought that money would help in life, it's strange that I'm thinking in a different way now, spending any second with her is more importent than having a big fortune, she is my fortune.
I love S to the extent that I worry about her in case I'm not the best for her, I love her like never knew what love is ever before.
I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her.
With S everything is beatiful, life is much different now, it's more beutiful.
Here few photos from our engagement and our new life.


Marshmallow26 said...

Kelililishhhhh Shaif kher wo mistahilha...
1000000 mabrook dear A & E Iraqi I am so glad to hear these good news and know that you have found your other half...Wish you both the best of best and a Happy marriage life, may the Lord bless you both and keep you for each other...


Abbas Hawazin عباس هوازن said...

The last picture is amazing!
Congratulations to you so much pal, and to S as well.

Jeffrey said...


Live long and prosper.


Michomeme said...

I'm so happy for you both.
it is really a different life, a new start for a new level.
Alf mabrook

Tara said...

1000 Mabrook.
So happy for you..