Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Date

Boring is the usual word I used to use to describe my weekends, I always wanted it not to come, I always had a problem with how to spend the time; in fact, it's the time when I feel very lonely.

Coming back from Haj, life became much different, since met S, life looks much brighter, full of hope and pleasure.
We've been seeing each others nearly every other weekend, we spend time chatting, discussing different matters, laughing and even playing video games.
Different feelings, which I never felt since being to U.K, love, missing and being missed, looking forward to meet and being surrounded by a family.

The last weekend was exceptional, it was the Valentine day, a day never represented anything to me before, yet, it was much different this year.
Taking the train after a long night shift, being to the hair dresser, changing my clothes with a new set and of course wearing a tie, all was done in rush.
I was waiting there, near the riverside, the same river, which I used to walk along feeling lonely and depressed, the same river I used to tell how sad I was.
I sat on the couch with a bouquet of red roses and a little bear, waiting for an hour, until she arrived.
My unusual lovely S, the beautiful shiny face and the innocent smile, we walked and talked, we laughed a lot, it was quite obvious that we were a new couple, I was really happy, happiness that can't be described by few words.
One song couldn't leave my tongue

The day after we met again, she noticed that I wasn't pleased; it was the time to leave.
The time to wait for another fortnight, as soon as I left, I found myself walking back to her, in a very childish way I looked at her and said:
"Look, I really don't want to go"

Looking forward for the next weekend


Anonymous said...

I am so pleased for you :)

Marshmallow26 said...

Wow dear you are living such a romantic feeling I am happy for you and hope this will have a very nice and happy ending after all :)

Bassam Sebti said...

Cool! Way to go, my friend!

Tara said...


Tara said...

U R silent since Feberuary..
Are U O.K ?

Anonymous said...

Very nice man keep going,
Ibraheem Yashar

Anonymous said...

keep going man,

Ibraheem Yashar