Saturday, 29 September 2007

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

In Denial

He taught me everything
Always the master
The guide to the right way
He never accepted a bribe
Or even a gift …
When I was extreme
He totally disagreed

He was really oppressed
Yet; he never complained
He was deprived from his rights
They fought him
They insulted him
Never respected his enthusiasm
Wasn’t earning well
They didn’t allow him to leave
They kept him inside
He hated them
Disagreed with them

They were right
They’re good
He supports them
They did well
All the others are

We are oppressed!

Who are we?!

We: I’m one of them

You never were

No, I am one of them

You were against them

No, I never was

You were oppressed

“No”…He shouted…I never was
The others were fighting me

The others!!!
Who are the others?!!

The others are all the others
They’re bad
They’re traitors
They’re not Iraqis
They should die
They should leave

But they’re our friends!
Our relatives!
They’re us

No they’re not
They’re always liars
We were kind to them
And they don’t deserve

Again We!!!

Yes, we

You’re not the one I knew
The symbol
The guide
The leader
The fair and honest
You know how much they love you
Don’t you remember “A”
He loves you so much
“M”, “W”, and many others
They were your best friends
You were never sectarian in selecting friends
What is new?

And you ask what new!!
Haven’t you seen the Tanks?
The solders?
The prisoners who were raped?
The country which was burnt?
The enemies who destroyed our life?
The army which was destroyed?
Our pride?
Our honour?
The traitors who became rulers?
And all what we had to suffer.
It’s all because of them
They deserve worse

But they also suffered
They lost their sons
Their lives
Their properties
They were deported
They were oppressed
They’re being killed everyday
That is unfair
That is too much

He turned his back
Just ignored
He didn’t admit the fact

Hundreds are just like him
Maybe they differ in sect.
In origin
With a different attitude
But all are
In denial
Ignore the facts
Deny all the good things
Their minds getting narrower
Refuse to cope
To accept the others
Ignore the blood which is flowing
Like a river

And that’s why
I’m neither

That’s why
I’m away
I’ll have to stay away
For a long time ………..

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

عباس وراء المتراسْ

عباس وراء المتراسْ

يقظ.. منتبه.. حساسْ

منذ سنين الفتح.. يلمع


ويلمع شاربه أيضاً

منتظراً.. محتضناً دُفهْ

بلغ السارق ضفه

قلّب عباس القرطاسْ

ضرب الأخماس لأسداسْ

بقيت ضفهْ

لملم عباس ذخيرته والمتراسْ

ومضى يصقل سيفه

عبر اللصُ إليه..

وحل ببيته

أصبح ضيفه

قدم عباس له القهوةْ

ومضى يصقل سيفهْ

صرخت زوجته:


أبناؤك قتلى.. عباس!

ضيفك راودني عباس!

قم أنقذني يا عباس!

عباس وراء المتراسْ

منتبه.. لم يسمع شيئاً

زوجته تغتاب الناس

صرختْ زوجته: عباس!

الضيف سيسرق نعجتنا

عباس اليقظ الحساس

قلّب أوراق القرطاس

ضرب الأخماس لأسداس

أرسل برقية تهديد

فلمن تصقل سيفك يا عباس

لوقت الشدة.. اصقل سيفك.. يا عباس!!

عباس شد المخصرة

ودس فيها خنجره

واستعد للجولة المنتظرة

اللص دق بابه

اللص هدّ بابه

وعابه وانتهره

يا ثور أين البقرهْ؟

عباس دس كفه في المخصره

واستل منها خنجره

وصاح في شجاعة:

في الغرفة المجاورة

اللص خط حوله دائرة


إياك أن تُجاز هذي الدائرهْ

علا خوار البقرة

خفت خوار البقرة

خار خوار البقرة

ومضى اللص بعدما قضى لديها وطره

وصوت عباس يدوي خلفه

فلتسقط المؤامرة

فلتسقط المؤامرة

- عباس:

والخنجر ما حاجته؟

- ينفعنا عند الظروف القاهرة

- وغارة اللص؟

- قطعت دابره

ألم تشاهدوني وقد غافلته

واجتزتُ خط الدائرة!

شعر: أحمد مطر