Wednesday, 11 June 2008

What to buy them?

I was already prepared for this phone chat.

“Hi, is it A&Eiraqi”

“Yes, how can I help?”

“My name is F, and I’m the guy who newley proposed to your little sister, I just wanted to talk to you introducing myself”.

Well; we talked for about hal an hour, a careful chat, explaining our points of view, what our future plans are and trying to tell what we want.

He sounded so polite and enthusiastic.

After a little while, I sat down and started thinking; she is old enough now, I just can’t realize that she has been at the marriage age, nearly a qualified dentist! Still remember that she was only 15kg, what a time! It’s running.

All that time we kept fighting, it was always her and I, fight even without reason, we used to disagree just to disagree, I was always strong enough to beat her up but she was smart enough to keep crying so loud and gaining the parent’s support ending up with me having a hard time.

And yet she is now a bride (3aroosa); how ome?

Well; I explained to him that the (Yes or No) is not my role in this matter; it’s her fathr’s and hers, my duty is to help her as much as possible, and since she chose him, then it’s my duty to support them.

Oh, God, am I not going to attend her wedding? I won’t see her in the white dress, and not hug her at her wedding.

Poor sister, you’ll be alone at this moment, hopefully mum will be there as well as my older sister, wish they would help.

Sice then I started thinking what to do? What to prepare?

What should I buy her? And what should I buy him? What can I get to please her?

It’s the only opportunity I got to please her; it’s the only time I can help.

I want to buy her a dress, what typ of dress; I know nothing about women’s wear, but I want to buy her something nice, a stylish thing, what else?

Maybe a nice suit as well; God, don’t know what to do, but should do a lot.

I phoned my mum who instead of giving me her advice, kept praying to see me getting married.

Mum; I’m not going to get married, I tried my chance and failed, that is so enough, please stop it.

It’s not only mum, but strangely everyone is trying to push me in that direction, like I was the only single man in this world.

I just want to co ncentrate on helping them without interupting their privacy, I just wish them all the best and not to fail like I did.

I wish him all the best and wish he knows how to manage a relationship not like me.

Ok, everyone please; I’m waiting for your suggestions about the dress I buy her.

I’ve found one which could be nice but not sure

Yom ilelkom


Marshmallow26 said...

Hello A&Eiraqi,

How are you? I am very glad to hear these news and yom elilak.

Well lets see, my sister who lives in Sweden suffers from the same..she kept thinking what to send me for my wedding and how!

finally she said "I am going to send you money and you buy a fancy and classic golden ring to wear it always and remember me"

If you buy her a dress do you really know what size she wears? And does this dress will be ok for her to wear in Iraq? If yes then you have to do it as fast as you can because the post office service is very slow in Iraq...

I wish your sister and her fiance the best and really hope to hear good news about you as well...

Killlllishhhh Hay halhooola..

Bye for now

A&Eiraqi said...

Dear Marsho
Many thanks for your words.
Well; I'm so confused about what to do.
I'll try to find something; whatever I buy, I feel she needs more.

Thanks for halhoola

Tara said...

مثل ما قالت مارشو
دز لها مبلغ تشتري بيه شي ذهب
يبقى عندها دائما
و تتذكر كلما تلبسه انه من اخوها

الف الف مبروك و ياربي يسعدهم و يفرحهم بحياتهم

و انتة همين فكر بالموضوع
ترة السنين تمشي و ماكو احلى من الزواج