Saturday, 17 May 2008

Not Going To Last

60 Years now, more than a double of my age, they should be happy and proud, they’ve persisted all that time.

I’m not going to say a lot; being enemies is much clear than any time before.

In this anniversary I should be proud that Iraq was the only country which refused the negotiations and never admitted that Israel exists, probably until being invaded.

In this anniversary, I’ve got to admit that they’re much stronger at the moment, I’ve got to admit that they’re winning.

Yet, all what I’ll say that it’s not going to last, I hate you Israel and I will never accept calling 1 cm of Palestine land as Israel.

You might think that I’m helpless and just saying worthless words, but I’ve got this hate and I’ll give it to my sons and grandsons, I’ll keep telling them that you’re just pigs and monkeys.

One day you’ll be destroyed, sooner or later it will come.

And never forget that there are brave ones who are holding their weapons and killing you.

Death to Israel


Don Cox said...

"In this anniversary I should be proud that Iraq was the only country which refused the negotiations "_____No, you should be ashamed. Hatred of Jews is one of the greatest evils in the world today. What did the Iraqis gain by driving all the Jews out of Iraq? Nothing at all. ____ You really need to rethink your racist attitudes here. The Jews are as entitled to a homeland as any other group, and there was no reason for Arabs to start murdering them in the 1920s, or to attack Israel when it was founded. You should have welcomed the Jews.

A&Eiraqi said...

Don Cox
First of all; my problem is with the Zionists(Israelis) not with the Jews.

And Iraqi Jews in particular are loyal to Iraq like other Iraqis.

In case you believe that jews are entitled for a homeland which they haven't got as they're not a nation but a religion, why don't that homeland be in your country?
Why don't you offer them that place?
Why should it be in our land?

And we didn't murder them in 1920
It only happened in 1941 that many shops including the Muslim's ones were destroyed and stolen, but no wonder that the big jews shops and stores were not touched.
In Iraq jews were always welcomed and my grandparents still mention them in a very nice way.

But; there is nothing can be called Israel.

Don Cox said...

Actually, 1926, not 1920. Here is a well researched article with many references.