Monday, 31 December 2007

To start a New Year

The last fortnight of 2007 were a bit hard for me, after the breaking up, I was a bit confused, disoriented, irritable and agitated.
Hundreds of thoughts came into my mind everyday and no one of them could help me to settle, my heart used to throb every time the phone rings thinking that it might me her calling me.
In the middle of that chaos and after getting some odd ideas of just stopping and going back, to avoid blowing up in the faces of those who surround me here; and of course to avoid being lonely and to get some warmth which we can’t feel unless we join our families, I decided to run away for awhile.

The idea came all of a sudden while I was in the office; not being able to afford the cost of a flight or a train trip didn’t stop me, I booked a coach trip to Holland where my aunts live.

It was snowing the day I arrived which was a pleasant thing for me, I joined my cousins and we had a good time as they enjoyed my company and I did enjoy being with them.
The most funny thing was attending a wedding, in which I was wearing my cousin's suit which the same color like my training shoes which I also had to wear as I didn't take another type of shoes with me.

I have to admit that I couldn’t stop thinking of the matter totally but I do feel much better, I can’t forget everything at once but I’m looking forward for my future concentrating on my studies and career.

I’m alone in my room waving good-bye to 2007 and watching the fireworks from the window starting 2008.
It seems that I’m going to stay alone for a long time, not sure whether it’s better for me or not, but I’m going on the way I started.

This girl was the most beautiful thing I saw in 2007

I wish a Happy 2008 to Iraq and all Iraqis.


Marshmallow26 said...

Happy New Year Dear,

Hope this year brings joy and peace to you plus a bunch of friends and relatives hereby you won't feel lonly!

Inshallah sana 7ilwa 3alek and 3ala kul el 3ira8eeen


Don Cox said...

Best wishes for 2008, and I hope you won't be too lonely. Nice to see a post in English for once - all that Arabic is frustrating when you can't read it. (My browser just shows hundreds of ?????? marks.But I don't know any Arabic anyway.)

A&Eiraqi said...

Many thanks for your words
I wish you all the best also in 2008.

Don Cox
Thanks a lot, it's quite kind of you.

Hopefully I will write more in English.

Best wishes in 2008