Sunday, 6 January 2008

The List

To live in the U.K is something costs a lot; London is the second most expensive city in the world in 2007.
When I try to compare things to Iraq; it’s always triple apart from transport and accommodation which can’t be compared at all, to rent a room in house might cost between $(800-1000) and using the bus once costs $2.

In such costly city I have to manage living with the minimal possible expenditure as I’m not working.
I have buy the cheapest possible and to think twice before putting my hand in my pocket. Having a meal in a restaurant, buying new clothes, going to cinema, using the transport when the destination is not that far, using the mobile phone to have a chat, and other accessories are things I avoid as much as possible.

Buying a camera, a new laptop or at least changing the screen which is damaged, a good pair of shoes, and the less important a good quality mobile with a contract not pay as you go are things I decided to postponed till I get a proper career.

I’m not the type of person who cares a lot about having more things and I do feel satisfied with what I’m living, still; I’m looking for a better life.

Money is a complicated matter which I don’t know how to express what I feel about; I was never money minded person, I never put earning money as a priority and never thought about how much I would get or lose when I do something.

However, I do believe that money is something important, it can help us solving our problems and the problems of whoever we care about.
Being penniless is not something I enjoy; I do feel hurt when notice that someone feels sorry for me as I’m not earning well, I would really be hurt if someone tried to help me financially; it doesn’t mean it’s not nice of them but it still painful.
It’s quite hard to me being supported by my family rather than supporting myself.
Isn’t it the money which can solve lots of the problems and make our life better?

Today I went out with my consultant who does care a lot about earning more and more and who told me before that I should care about money.
The man didn’t hesitate spending more than $600 buying an old fashion rain coat.

When we left each other I kept thinking, that sum of money is something can solve lots of problems, I would spent that money buying many things, the man doesn’t look wear things which make him looks elegant.

I asked myself: is he happy in his life? He is not at all, I eat a better food than what he eats, I go out from time to time while he doesn’t, I laugh more and still able to make the ones around me smile.
Could money help? Why doesn’t it? They guy is neither ill nor too old but still doesn’t enjoy his life as all what he does is collecting money.

Thinking this way makes me not to worry too much; there are always more problems, probably the financial one will be the easiest.

Well; I’m still interested in getting salary and buying the things I’m interested in, the good thing with 2008 is; with the beginning of this year I got a hope in getting a job from three different places, one of them is for two years and the others are for short term, still the whole matter is just a hope but getting the hope brings lots of nice dreams.
I started preparing a list, which is getting longer and longer every hour, about all what I’m going to do when I start earning money.
My list starts from buying a gift to my mother from the first payment I get, then something to my little sister who is graduating as a dentist this year, going on to include lots of things such as; sending money to support the orphans back home, attending driving school, and buying the things I mentioned above gradually, and it doesn’t end with collecting money for my holiday, going to Mecca next year for pilgrimage and maybe buying a car on the long term.

I opened a new bank account to get my payment into it, and it’s now empty as I haven’t got any job yet, but I hope I will.
The next week might show some news which could be good; I’m really not ready for another slap.
Just in case I don’t publish anything for the next few weeks, that would mean I got the slap.

For the time being I’ll keep dreaming and extending my list....


Marshmallow26 said...

Hello A&Eiraqi,

I agree with what you said, and will keep my finger crossed till you hear something optimistic about your job :)
Trust in God, and he will open the doors for you.


A&Eiraqi said...

Many thanks Marsho
I'm quite pleased as I got the job I was looking for.
I assume it's smiling now; I hope it keep doing so.


onix said...

agree with you. it is incredible how glad rich people are to impress poor people with the benefits of money, they usually will never have.