Thursday, 17 January 2008

The wound

Iraq is not just a place where I lived for years, Iraq is something can’t be described by words, it’s the reason behind all my sadness and happiness, it’s my desperation and my dreams, to make the long story short; it’s my whole life which, I can stop anything in it but missing Iraq.

While filling the blood tests request today; I noticed the date; 17th of January; oh God, that date, it took me back, to my third year in the primary school, when my mother rushed into our room, and took us in hers.
It was the first time I hear those sounds; those explosions which were enough to rack our small house, I still remember how scared my mother was and how my father tried to calm her down.

Those weeks never left my mind, the horror, the bad news, the color of the sky, the rockets and the darkness.

In 6 weeks time; all the infrastructure of Iraq was destroyed, thousands of Iraqis were killed and what is equal to 7-14 atomic bombs were dropped on the heads of Iraqis.
The transport was nearly stopped, and the all the basic supplements were cut.

What a long time has passed? Since that date Iraq has never become well, we never had a good time; it was always from bad to worse and worse.

Today and after all these years, I still feel the pain, in few weeks Iraq was taken back to the pre-industrial stage, no energy, no water supplies, even the schools were burnt, the destroyed everything, the never showed any mercy.

I feel sorry that I never had the chance to see the nice peaceful Iraq, I feel sad that I’ve never Iraqis happy without being worried and scared.
The thing which worries me is that despite all the time which has passed, I’m still unable to forgive.

I can’t forgive the arrogant stupid leader who never thought of the consequences, I can’t forgive all the brothers who never tried to tap on our shoulders, or probably who were pleased that our country was destroyed.

And of course I will never forgive the savages cowboys who never showed mercy, never hesitate killing civilians and tried to respect humanity.

After 17 years, the world has been changed; the ones who were planning to wipe Baghdad from the map are talking about humanity, democracy and rebuilding Iraq!

All the Arabs who paid the bill to destroy the Iraq and kill as much as possible of its people are now against the invasion, and crying for the “assassination” of Saddam.

Saddam is dead now; his followers are everywhere dreaming about coming back once.

What a life; the only thing which hasn’t been changed is Iraq and the pain and sufferance of Iraqis, being oppressed, deported and deprived from all their rights, is what Iraqis have been living for years.

I closed my eyes at home and talked to Iraq; it has been a long time; you’re still in pain, and you’re deteriorating, you’re now invaded, will I see you? Will you be better? They say time heals all the wounds, why didn't it heal yours? What a type of wound is yours and how deep it is?
I’ll tell you one thing; one day we will celebrate the complete destruction of those who destroyed you, they’ll regret it, believe me they’ll.
By the way; I really miss you.

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