Thursday, 13 December 2007

That why I blog

A sense that we need
Being anonymous….
Being someone who nobody knows
Being perfect and horrible
Being able to express what we feel
And what we think
Without being monitored
Without causing harm to anyone
Without getting them worried
To say the truth…
Without losing those who disagree
To scream when we need
Loudly…. Loudly…very loudly
And not annoying anyone by our scream
To cry in the dark room
Without being ashamed or questioned
To give up for awhile
Without disagreement
To love someone without saying it
Without being accused of hypocrisy


Konfused Kid said...

One of the things i enormously regret now is that I disclosed my identity to a number of people and bloggers, don't do this mistake again. You never know what you wish you could just write in the future!

Btw thanx for the dedication in the previous post, I wonder behind its motives though :) ?

Little Penguin said...

I totally understand Kid's reluctance at being identified and quoted and all that.. but if it's something you believe in, why be ashamed of it?

Dr, why should we put a face to who we really are and how we really think of people?.. I blog because it's an opportunity for me to voice an opinion without being told to shut up because of my age or because of who I am and the family I come from and the places I'm usually spotted at.. This is a place where I speak my mind, irrespective of whether it'll change people's view of who I am.. if it is changed, so be it.. I'd hate to be one of the hypocrites you, Kid and I so utterly hate!


A&Eiraqi said...

Dear Kid
I understand your point.
About the post before; since you wrote (who I am), I kept asking myself the same question; and went further, on which side am I being considered, someone thinks I'm Saddamist, others say; I'm Iraninan, I still believe that I'm neither.


A&Eiraqi said...

Dear Pinguine
Nice seeing you around.

It's not about hiding my head or saying something away from the others, I don't think that anyone of the bloggers would sound different when you meet him in person, but, sometimes, we need to cry without disturbing anyone around, or we need to say that we love someone or we admire his behavior without being royal more than the king, and sometimes we need to talk when no one around us at all.

Wish you get my point this time.