Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Wedding Anniversary

Can anyone explain this to me please? I’m totally lost!!
They have been ruling the country since the invasion, They’ve been doing nothing for Iraq since that time, we’re just sinking in the blood swamp they created!
I know they’re powerless and not more than toys but, officially they’re the government! So; what new have they made now to be gathered and setting a new political alliance? And what has been changed about them or their policy to do so?

Of course it’s already assured that, everyone is welcomed to join this alliance apart from the ones who were already not welcomed before!
So; what is the difference between this one and the parliament?

I’m really confused and I wish you’re able to explain this apart from considering it as a meeting to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding of the traitors.

In a further note; all the traitors are very welcome to join the party as Mam Jalal assured us!

This poem is the best reply I have


Furat said...

To evry "Hasna Malas"
They sell love not death anyway.

Iraqi Mojo said...

That's an awesome video! Where was that filmed? Rahim al-Maliki was a great man.