Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Civilised! Oh Yes

I was going to slap him but luckily I controlled myself; I raised my hand and put it just in front of my chest showing “stop” and all what I said “ Well; I think we would disagree at this point”.
He is a young Iraqi doctor about 4 years older than me; the guy tried to give me a lecture about the best place in the world for a career and of course this place; according to his philosophy, was the U.S.A!!!
He went on saying:
“You’re quite mistaken by wasting your time here, if I was in your shoes, I would never miss such opportunity; in America you can find all the real since, the good life, the civilisation and the really nice and civilised people”.
I was boiling from inside and I just wanted to leave him rather than being in a fight while I was preparing for my exam.
However, I could never cope with his words; they’re like thunder in my ears.
Civilised!! Civilisation!! ......
I ‘m just unable to find any link between America and the civilisation; I looked back and tried to find anything in the history which can help me, yet, I failed.
All what I could find was murdering thousands and thousands, an inhuman attitude and very boring and repeated lies which are unable to convince even a little child.

I just looked at my country which has been invaded for about 4& half years now; have we got any progress? The UN admitted that Iraq was better before the invasion, the Iraqi government is the “most corrupted” one in the area, illiteracy level rose, and health services are deteriorating, the unemployment is escalating, and 1 out of every ten Iraqis (at least) has been deported from their houses.
Of course we have to mention the number of those who were killed and the escalating number of prisoners.
These are the achievements of the “most civilised” empire in my country. So, I have to be grateful and praise America whenever I speak as they liberated us from the dictatorship and gave us such a great life, shouldn’t I?
It’s easy to blame the terrorists, baathists, sadamists, takfiris, jihadists or whoever of all those problems; this could be understandable if those problems are limited to 4 or five Iraqi cities where Al-Qaida or other groups of insurgents are active, but how about Basra and why is it unstable?
What about Nasirriya and Misan, how is life in Kut, is anyone concerned about Beled? People are still being kept inside and living a terrible life with horror everyday; did the invaders try to help them by any means?
If all these problems are because of the insurgents or the terrorists, so what are the 140,000 American solders plus all the members of the security companies doing there?
For the last 4& half years everything kept deteriorating, fuel supplements shrank while we should be one of the richest countries with oil!!
Do I have to remind everyone what the media kept telling people about how Iraq will be after getting rid of Saddam?
“Bush” promised to make it the oasis of democracy in the Middle East; I can tell how democratic it has been now!!
This subject is just quite long as the achievements of our “liberators “are quite a lot! And the proofs of, how civilised and nice they are, are uncountable.
I need to start with that guy himself ; he doesn’t dare to do the American exam for working as a doctor as America doesn’t give the visa to Iraqis easily,( you know Iraqis might be contaminated, they’re always terrorists until proved otherwise).
He has to pass the exams with higher scores than the others and then he needs to provide a bank statement with 25,000$ to make them think about allowing him to get inside America; I heard about someone who did all these things and still they didn’t give him the visa!!
So, we have to accept around 400,000 American mercenaries in Iraq but America has to be so selective in allowing any Iraqi to visit it.
Here I’ve got the right to ask; if Iraq is invaded by America, and obviously the situation is just getting worse; why doesn’t America give the right of emigration or seeking asylum for Iraqis?
Why should Syria, which is being accused as a major source of terrorism, accept around 2 million Iraqis on its land while it’s a poor country, shouldn’t they be in America getting the luxury they were promised to have?
Or it’s just that America is clean and not ready to be contaminated by Iraqis!
Should I give a blind eye to all what America did in Iraq and consider it not more than mistakes which we have to forgive?
Killing more than 400 in Al-Amiriya shelter was a mistake, killing more than 500,000 of Iraqi children& leaving Iraqis suffering for 12 years was something not right but it was because of Saddam’s attitude, murdering the artist Layla Al-Attar was by accident and anyway she was Saddamist so we should not care, raping and torturing the prisoners in Abu-Ghraib was something horrible but it was done by few solders.
What happened in Haditha was a sin, leaving the looters steal everything in Baghdad and burning it was a strategic mistake.
What Black water did was by mistake and they’re going to be sued, aren’t they?
Killing civilians and leaving weapons with them was something said by psychotic people, so we should not believe it!!
For God’s sake who should I believe and why? Should I believe Bush when he keeps lying every time he gives his boring speech, Where is the oasis of democracy?
I admit that we have a demographic or sectarian issue in Iraq; however, have we had such violence before?
It’s a fact that Al-Qaida as well as many other insurgents and militias are working in Iraq and killing innocents, yet, have we got numbers of who were killed and by whom?
Dar-Al-Slam cemetery claims that it had received 40,000 corpses of anonymous people!!
If they’re anonymous, why were they sent to Najaf, unless they were killed in areas around it, areas where takfiris are not strong!!

Let’s put all these things a side and come to the new Congress law of dividing Iraq; I’m not here to condemn or to refuse this decision, this is not the case.
The main concept is; who gave the Congress members the right to discuss our future and the future of our country like we’re their slaves.
Who gave them the right to suggest dividing a land they claimed that they’re doing a mission in it and will be leaving soon.
I wonder if the American government will apologize for such stupid attitude of its Congress.

Those people believe that they’re masters and they’re teaching us something, and whenever we disagree with that we’re just in denial!
This what I have got as a comment
“This kind of thinking helps Iraqis cope with the madness, I think. It helps them focus their rage on an enemy they have hated all their lives: the US and UK.”

Will the American government apologize for such stupid attitude of its Congress?
All what I can get from all the above that we’ve got nothing but lies and terror, whenever an American got killed it’s a crime but whenever an American kills; it’s a mistake.
I don’t think we have to accept more mistakes, more ignorance and stupidity, it’s the time now for Iraqis to get united and choose one enemy; let’s fight them rather than fighting each other, let’s not fall in the same trap again and allow them to attack Iran, let then taste the same poison them gave us for a long time.
They will never understand our words, they just understand when they guns talk.

Note: please don’t hesitate to accuse me of being Baathis, selefist, takfiri, sadamist, terrorist, jihadist or whatever........I don’t care


A&Eiraqi said...

أنا إرهابي ..!

الغربُ يبكي خيفـةً

إذا صَنعتُ لُعبـةً

مِـن عُلبـةِ الثُقابِ .

وَهْـوَ الّذي يصنـعُ لي

مِـن جَسَـدي مِشنَقَـةً

حِبالُها أعصابـي !

والغَـربُ يرتاعُ إذا

إذعتُ ، يومـاً ، أَنّـهُ

مَـزّقَ لي جلبابـي .

وهـوَ الّذي يهيبُ بي

أنْ أستَحي مِنْ أدبـي

وأنْ أُذيـعَ فرحـتي

ومُنتهى إعجابـي ..

إنْ مارسَ اغتصـابي !

والغربُ يلتـاعُ إذا

عَبـدتُ ربّـاً واحِـداً

في هـدأةِ المِحـرابِ .

وَهْـوَ الذي يعجِـنُ لي

مِـنْ شَعَـراتِ ذيلِـهِ

ومِـنْ تُرابِ نَعلِـهِ

ألفـاً مِـنَ الأربابِ

ينصُبُهـمْ فـوقَ ذُرا

مَزابِـلِ الألقابِ

لِكي أكـونَ عَبـدَهُـمْ

وَكَـيْ أؤدّي عِنـدَهُـمْ

شعائرَ الذُبابِ !

وَهْـوَ .. وَهُـمْ

سيَضرِبونني إذا

أعلنتُ عن إضـرابي .

وإنْ ذَكَـرتُ عِنـدَهُـمْ

رائِحـةَ الأزهـارِ والأعشـابِ

سيصلبونني علـى

لائحـةِ الإرهـابِ !


رائعـةٌ كُلُّ فعـالِ الغربِ والأذنابِ

أمّـا أنا، فإنّني

مادامَ للحُريّـةِ انتسابي

فكُلُّ ما أفعَلُـهُ

نـوعٌ مِـنَ الإرهـابِ !


هُـمْ خَرّبـوا لي عالَمـي

فليحصـدوا ما زَرَعـوا

إنْ أثمَـرَتْ فـوقَ فَمـي

وفي كُريّـاتِ دمـي

عَـولَمـةُ الخَـرابِ

هـا أنَـذا أقولُهـا .

أكتُبُهـا .. أرسُمُهـا ..

أَطبعُهـا على جبينِ الغـرْبِ

بالقُبقـابِ :

نَعَـمْ .. أنا إرهابـي !

زلزَلـةُ الأرضِ لهـا أسبابُها

إنْ تُدرِكوهـا تُدرِكـوا أسبابي .

لـنْ أحمِـلَ الأقـلامَ

بلْ مخالِبـي !

لَنْ أشحَـذَ الأفكـارَ

بـلْ أنيابـي !

وَلـنْ أعـودَ طيّباً

حـتّى أرى

شـريعـةَ الغابِ بِكُلِّ أهلِها

عائـدةً للغابِ .


نَعَـمْ .. أنا إرهابـي .

أنصَـحُ كُلّ مُخْبـرٍ

ينبـحُ، بعـدَ اليـومِ، في أعقابـي

أن يرتـدي دَبّـابـةً

لأنّني .. سـوفَ أدقُّ رأسَـهُ

إنْ دَقَّ ، يومـاً، بابي

أحمد مطر

3eeraqimedic said...
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Anand said...

Neither I nor IM meant to offend you. I am very sorry if I did. Perhaps someone close to you was killed by the resistance, organized crime, ordinary criminals, militias, MNF, IA, or IP. If so, you have my deepest sympathy.

"I don’t think we have to accept more mistakes, more ignorance and stupidity, it’s the time now for Iraqis to get united and choose one enemy; let’s fight them rather than fighting each other, let’s not fall in the same trap again"

I salute your passion to fight Baathists, salafists, takfiri, Sadamists, terrorists and jihadis. They need to be driven out of Iraq. IM like you is a brave son of Iraq. He, like you, has always stood against the Sadamists and Takfirs.

I am hopeful that the Iraqi Army will be able to take the fight to the enemy and drive them out of Iraq soon. Colonel Twitty has said that the 2nd and 3rd IAD (Iraqi Army Divisions) are among the best (in any country) he has ever encountered. I think that one reason many of Iraq's neighbors such as Syria are trying so hard to destroy Iraq is because they fear a prosperous successful free democratic Iraq, and the Iraqi army.

The 2nd and 3rd IADs are probably better quality than any division in the Syrian army. And both are based in Ninevah province; which scares President Asad witless.

President Asad cannot destroy Iraq. Nor will he be able to keep persuading Iraqis to move to Syria to improve Syria's economy. (if he wasn't creating chaos in Iraq, why would very smart hardworking educated Iraqis go to Syria to help Syria by working there?)

Former NATO supreme commander General Jones (as part of his report on the ISF to the US Congress) said that the ISOF (Iraqi Special Operations Forces brigade) was as good or better than any special forces in the middle east (which includes Israel). General Petraeus (Dawood Malik) confirmed this on the record in his Congressional testimony.

If Iraqis unite as you suggest, Syria, Jordan, KSA, Egypt, and Iran will not be able to defeat Iraq. They will all regret the day they decided to try.

Long live Iraq! May she succeed in all her endeavors, and defeat all her enemies!

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear a&eiraqi,

Veeery good post..
I cant agree more..
Ashat eedak..

Don Cox said...

"I wonder if the American government will apologize for such stupid attitude of its Congress."_____How could the administration apologise for a stupid motion passed in Congress? The majority in Congress now is the opposition to the Bush administration. Bush is not responsible for the foolishness of his political enemies._____You may not fully understand how the US constitution works - it is not like Saddam's Iraq, where a President held absolute power. There is a good system of "checks and balances" to prevent that. (Many people think that the current Bush administration has been trying to destroy those checks and balances.)

Don Cox said...

"I `m just unable to find any link between America and the civilisation"_____The USA has produced many great poets, writers, artists, musicians, composers, architects, scientists, doctors, naturalists, actors....- that is what I would mean by saying it is a great civilisation.

Don Cox said...

"how about Basra and why is it unstable?"_____Well, you probably know more about it than I do, but it seems to be mainly gang warfare between organised criminals, plus the Iranians trying to move in and take over the region, at least by proxy. Iran wants an equivalent in Iraq of Hezb'allah in Lebanon. But my guess is that turf wars between criminal gangs are the main problem in Basra._____I see the building of the new children's hospital in Basra is now under way.

H.N.K said...

I was just going to write the poem of Ahmed matar " نعم انا ارهابي " the same poem that you wrote.
It's really suitable for this post.

I guess, I can understand what you are feeling right now. In fact, I am feeling this every day, every hour and every second.

Except the fact that I am still inside Iraq. And i am not contact with such the guy you want to make a fight with.
BUT, There are some visitor of my site who left comment on my posts made me feel exaclly the same feeling. It's such a horrible feeling.
It's paintful.

Just a question:
أرفع راسك انت عراقي
What is the efeect of these words to you?

A&Eiraqi said...

Dear 3mti
many thanks for your word.

Thanks a lot; long time not seeing you; it's more than two months now since your last post.
Waiting for the next.

It seems we feel the same.
I feel so proud when I say: ارفع راسك انت عراقي

Have I lost someone?!!
I have lost around a million of my people now.
The resistance ordinary crimes!!
What about the US crimes?
Sorry; I forgot they're mistakes, aren't they?!!
Those takfiris, Sadamists or whatever you call them , are Iraqis.
Should we get united against Iraqis
rather than getting united against the real enemy; the US army and mercineries.
I don't think B.AL-Asad wants to hurt Iraqis as much as Bush and its Congress want.
Still; there are two million Iraqis in Syria.
If the Iraqi army was good why did America destroy it?
And if it's good now, why don't the invaders leave our country?
If the Iraqi army is such a strong one, why did the American army announce that it's unable to defend the county?
And in case it is strong; why the country is unstable?!!!

I suggested Iraqis unite and make America regret the day it invaded their country and think thousands of times before trying to do it again with any country.

don cox

I can tell you how nice it was reciting the American poem when the rockets missiles were falling on Baghdad;
I also can imagine how those people in Abu-Ghraib enjoyed listening to the American music and songs while being raped and tortured; I'm sure they were so pleased and grateful to the American civilization which they saw its real face.
I think reading for American authors or watching their actors was a bit hard as we had no electricity as it was bombed by them.

If the American president is not responsible for the foolishness and stupidity of his Congress, so who is responsible?
Or they didn't do something wrong; it's their right to decide destroying my country.

Bush would be a dictator if he apologize to Iraqis about such stupid decision but he is the man of democracy and freedom if he kills thousands of Iraqis!!!

A hope for a new hospital in Basra!!
I should say many thanks, shouldn't I?
It's more than four years now and it's not only Basra to blame Iran; they're 18 cities living in a miserable condition worse than the preindustrial stage.

Anand said...

To my brother from Iraq,

Many have been killed by “the MNF, IA, IP, resistance, organized crime, ordinary criminals and militias.” It is very sad and tragic.

Takfiris kill any muslim they agree with claiming that they have seen the truth and abandoned it, becoming apostates. There is no excuse for that period. It doesn’t matter what country they are from or what their grievance they think they have. Takfiris primarily target and try to kill muslim civilians. They have killed tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians in their terrorist attacks against Iraqi population centers.

The Takfiris are the enemy, and the primary problem in Iraq. All of them need to be arrested, deported or killed. No exceptions. Those that are arrested need to be sent to mental health facilities were medical health professionals can try to repair the serious brain damage that they have suffered.

To do this all Iraqis across all sectarian, religious, political and tribal lines must unite and work together.

You and all of Iraq’s other brave sons and daughters need to do your part to help this happen. Only then can you defeat the evil doers, and restore Iraq to its rightful place as the heart and leader of global civilization, culture and greatness.

I am sure that you agree with this. What is your strategy to do this?

Anand said...

Many great sons of Iraq (like IM) have ideas like you do to help Iraq reach its rightful place as the flower and source of world civilization and accomplishment. You might disagree on tactics occasionally. But all of you share a common strategic goal.

You might consider allowing all your fellow great Iraqi patriots to post here in my opinion.

Of course, you have the right to decide you gets to post comments on your blog.

Anand said...

PM Maliki plans to have the IA and IP take the lead in 16 out of 18 Iraqi provinces in 9 months. (No MNF needed in these provinces.)

I presume you, as a patriotic Iraqi, support this (and are proad that the great Iraqi Army can handle security in 16 out of 18 provinces without MNF help.) The question is what to do with Baghdad and Diyala. What is your plan to improve security in these two provinces. How quickly would you remove the MNF from these provinces?

Marshmallow26 said...

Dear a&eiraqi,

May I ask?

Do you equalize all Americans?

I mean do you judge them all for some stupid acts that were done by some stupid Americans and stupid politicians? At the this point I disagree!!

A lot of Americans are not like that, and your friend's advise was about that being a doctor, you can find plenty of job opportunities there...plus you will be appreciated...

Although, you have the right to say any thing, its your field of writings, opinions and expressions, plus you are not a terrorist. YOU ARE AN IRAQI PATRIOT :)

Don Cox said...

"If the American president is not responsible for the foolishness and stupidity of his Congress, so who is responsible?"____The members of congress who voted for this stupid proposal are responsible. Nobody else. People are responsible for their own actions._____And my point about civilsation is that the USA is a highly civilised country. That doesn't mean it has no weapons. All the civilisations in history have had weapons and waged wars, including the Muslim ones. You are right that it is time for the Iraqis to get united, and the enemy you should fight is poverty. Not Iran (unless it invades Iraq), not Syria, not Turkey, not the US, but poverty and disease. They are your real enemies.

A&Eiraqi said...

I've clarified that I really admire the polite and civilized way you speak and put comments.

The thing which you try to give a blind eye to, is not only takfiris are committing crimes, the invaders are doing so; if you want to consider both as individual actions it's up to you, for me they're organized and planned.
Whoever do so is the enemy of Iraq as they're killing Iraqis and destroying Iraq, and that exactly what the invaders are doing.

I myself don't believe Al-Malki and I don't find one cause to believe him he promised a lot and never did anything; few months ago he was totally against the wall which surround Aadhamiya, he promised to destroy it; the wall is complete and Al-Maliki did nothing.
Whether you want to admit it or not; Iraqi government is not a real government which has a full authority over the country; they're mocked one, and fully controlled by the invaders.

Time will prove that the only way to make the invaders leave Iraq is by fighting them.

A&Eiraqi said...

don cox
So; only the stupid congress members are responisible for their foolishness!!!
Will the Iraqi government sue them for their stupid attitude? will the American president question them?
What is his duty when they behave is such a bad way?
Is it their right to do? or no one could argue with them as their above the law?

Why should we fight Iran in case it invades Iraq and shouldn't we fight Amrica which invades Iraq now?
Iraq wasn't in such poor sate before America started destroying it; do they now care about it?!!!

A&Eiraqi said...

Dear Marsh
Of course I don't equalize all the Americans; and I'm raising my hat to all those who kept being against the war.
I'm not happy seeing the two towers falling with all those innocents people being killed.

What you call stupidity is all what we're getting from America!!
It's 4& half years now; look around you, do you remember what they promised? See what Iraq got
I appreciate that the guy is seeking a good life but to praise the ones who are killing, raping and destroying my country; that what I can't stand.
Thanks a lot for the kind words.

Don Cox said...

"So; only the stupid congress members are responisible for their foolishness!!!" That is correct.
"Will the Iraqi government sue them for their stupid attitude?" Sue them? How could they do that? The Iraqi government can tell them the idea is stupid, and they have done so. No more is needed. Anyone can make a mistake, and anyone can tell them so. "will the American president question them?" He is and will be questioning congress on many points, and they will be questioning him. This is how it works when the administration and congress are of different parties. It was the same when Clinton was faced with a Republican congress. This system prevents either from getting too much power - unlike the British system where the Prime Minister must always have a majority in Parliament, and so can do more or less what he wants.
"What is his duty when they behave is such a bad way?" He can say they are ignorant, and they can ignore him.
"Is it their right to do?" Of course, just as it is Ahmedinejad's right to say what he thinks the US should do. "or no one could argue with them as their above the law?" Anyone can argue with them, on TV or the Internet or anywhere. And the Iraqis can either divide up their country or keep it together or have a loose federation, just as they please. It is up to the various parties in Iraq to negotiate among themselves.

Jeffrey said...

A&E Iraqi,

Are you nuts? The Iraqi army, at best, will be able to battle a country like Syria or Jordan.

The US is a SUPERPOWER. We've got the most lethal military in the world.

We fought BOTH the Japanese and the frikking Nazi Germans AT THE SAME TIME!!!

The Japanese and the Germans were great soldiers. And yet we defeated both of them.

How could you even THINK that Iraqi, a small country in the Middle East, could take on the US???!!!

C'mon, get fucking real here.


A&Eiraqi said...

It seems you've forgotten Vietnam !!

Yes; yo're a superpower ; you've got the dirty weapons and you're ready to use it the same way you did with Japan.
But; defeating an army is quite different from controlling a country where people hate you and are ready to kill you.
Holako had got a very strong army and was able to invade Baghdad as well but gradually everything turned upside down.
Till this moment the number of the pigs who were killed in Irraq is close to 4000 and it's going to escalate......Let's see who wins eventually.

Jeffrey said...

A$E Iraqi,

You're bragging about killing only around 4,000 in almost FIVE years?!

We killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese, island by island, in the Pacific theater. My Dad and uncles were there. It was eyball-to-eyeball fighting. Not against a bunch of cowardly Arab men in burqas planting IEDs and then hiding around the corner. What a bunch of fucking pussies.

You're a coward, A&E Iraqi, an eternal LOSER. The Israelis, a small country, have already defeated the combined Arab forces FIVE TIMES. And how did the Syrian Arabs respond to the latest Israeli bombing inside its country? They've done nothing. They're like the "vaunted" Republican Guard. They surreneded as soon as the fighting became lethal. It was only the hardcore jihadi fanatics who kept fighting in 2003.


A&Eiraqi said...

Nothing could please me as much as your comment; that what I was looking for; telling all Iraqis how Americans look at them; which is enough to encourage them to fight America till the end; let's see if your great force will be able to stay in Iraq; let's see what will those ghosts will do to your mercenariness; let your president keep lying and lying; let the world keep hating you more and more; till the day when what happened in 11/9 will be mentioned as the least.

Down Down USA