Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Their Humanity

“What is wrong? You sound so sad!” I asked, “Nothing, don’t worry, it just that; they asked me not to come to the work everyday, as I’m not working for them officially and they don’t want the personal to notice my presence”, she replied.
“But you are doing unpaid work, you just help them”
“Even though, I don’t have the right to work in this country, I don’t know what will happen to me, I’m still waiting for the decision of the Home office about my claim”.

That was my last chat with Nada; another young Iraqi doctor who hasn’t committed any crime apart from being Iraqi; which has been considered as a sin nowadays.

Like many young doctors allover the world, Nada lived her dream, she worked hard to get a job in the U.K, she passed all the exams and completed all the requirements she needs to be a qualified doctor in the U.K, yet, she got nothing as she is from the other half of this world.

For two years she struggled to survive in this expensive country, her father had to sell his property and support her.

After losing the hope in getting any medical career, Nada kept looking for any job; just to support herself and not rely on her parents who had to lock their clinics back home as they’re threatened.

She was told that her Visa is not valid anymore and she can’t get any work permit!
Wiling that she can get some work experience and not to stay at home, she accepted working in a lab, without earning money, yet, it should be non official as it’s illegal to let her survive in this country.

Like many others, Nada thought about seeking asylum here, and like many others also, she was informed that, they’ll not accept her as that means, they failed in Iraq!

Thinking about Nada; I just remembered a group of Hijackers ten years ago who kidnapped an airplane from Sudan and brought it to London; two years later they all were released from prisons as they claimed being oppressed by Saddam!

Before the war, they tried to show the whole world how human they are, and how horrible Saddam was.
Nowadays, they’re also human, so they have to protect Iraqis from each other by staying in their country.

What hypocrisy is this, could any stupid believe this? Did they care about us when were suffering the Embargo?
Madeleine Albright once admitted that killing half a million of Iraqi children is a worthy price to get rid of Saddam’s regime.

How human they are?! How big their hearts? How merciful and kind they try to be?

We always criticize Arabs as they refuse helping Iraqis, however, Arabs didn’t invade Iraq, and didn’t destroy it so they’re not responsible as much as the ones who claimed creating an oasis of democracy in Iraq.

Yesterday they arrested two Arabic doctors, should we believe that they’re terrorists, I’m sure the arrest was according to their special investigations and they have evidence, but, are they strong enough like the ones they had about the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction?

Is it all of a sudden that; this is the third consecutive year, the U.K face terrorist threat in the same time of the year?

The only fact is the game is over; Iraqis are no more useful so they don’t want them, and the ones who are already here are enough to be arrested by the name of fighting terrorism.
They have the right to invade and destroy our country but we don’t have the right to live in their countries!

like Iraq and every Iraqi, Nada has to choose the way she wants to die, she can stay here and wait to starve or to be arrested by their police or she can go back to be killed by their solders or by someone supported by their intelligence system.

They’re always nice, always democratic, even when they kill!

By the way; I wonder if our elected democratic government will ask about the Iraqi guy who was arrested as I think it’s their duty to do so.


3eeraqimedic said...
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chikitita said...

So true, such hypocrites.

Be safe

Don Cox said...

There is one big problem: There are far too many people in Britain already. This is a small island which could reasonably hold about five million people. Instead, there are already 60 million. The problem is, how to reduce the numbers before the whole country is concreted over._____Individuals get caught up in this dilemma, and suffer. We do try to be kind and helpful to refugees, but the number of immigrants now is just overwhelming. And each person is worth having here as an individual, and has real probles that deserve sympathy. ____How would the Iraqis react if several million Jewish refugees arrived in Baghdad? There is no easy answer to these mass movements. But to you personally, I say, it is good to have you here, and you are welcome.

A&Eiraqi said...

Don cox
It's nice that you try to be kind and helpful with refugees if they come from any country in this world running away from sufferance or terror.
But In the case of Iraq, it's abit different, U.K and USA invaded my country and destroied it, killed its people, create a civil war inside and haven't done what they promised to do and what they promised to give.

Whenver a country invades another one, there will be responsiblities the invador have to do.
Obviously they haven't done any thing, they kept stealing and destroying and nothing else.

If Iraq invades a jewish country(obviously there is no such country in the world), then it will be it's responsibility to accept the refugees or to provide a safe place for them like camps or what else.

What USA and the UK did was completely ethicless.