Thursday, 28 June 2007

Anothetr Wedding

While doing my course, I decided to concentrate on my studies and not to think about anything else at all, so I decided to stay away from the Internet and not to think about a new post.
I didn’t touch the computer at all and for the bad luck; it’s already crashed; the thing which I don’t know how to manage.
As soon as the course was finished, I went back to my addiction (the Internet), to find an e-mail from my friend in Baghdad, it was enough to open all my wounds.

Another Salam who remained there while all his friends including me have left, it’s his wedding and he is alone in such moment, here the story:
“Alsalamu Alaikum
How are you my friends? As you mean so much to me I wanted you to know thatI'm getting married this Thursday (in sha'allah).I really wished to see this day coming and you all around me, you my best friends, the ones who leftIrreversible marks in my life. I just want to ask you all one question WHO ISGOING TO GIVE ME ****..!? MY FATHER!!! HAHAHAHA I really believe in some thing that God is generousAnd he is going to gather us again. To all of you the ones who I loved, love and willAlways love my best regards You are:¤ (Abo Baker)¤ (Abo el SoS)¤ (the Sad)¤ (Abo Fustic)¤ (Al-Zen)¤ (Dantoss)¤ (Beside Me!)¤ (NoNo Al-Ani)¤ (store of friends!)¤ (Sa'di)¤ (Micheline tyers)¤ (British Basri)¤ (the unlucky!)¤ (Black PETER)* (Red PETER)¤ (Saint Ziad !)
Yours forever,Salam”

I think about the poor Salam; I know how hard to feel lonely but it’s much harder to feel lonely while you’re at home and the worst is to feel so while getting married. I’m really confused and I don’t know what to say; the peaceful well mannered guy is alone no one is going to tap on his shoulder, even his brother is away, he is lonely at the moment he should be surrounded. One thing is also hard that most of us have left either to another city or to another country, who is there? He used to be the most important one in any celebration as he knows the best songs, I hold him on my shoulders in our graduation party to make all the others danceWho will sing for him?
I feel helpless; I don’t know what to say, I think he is doing the right thing but in the wrong place and on the wrong time.

Day by day it’s getting worse and no light is to be seen from the end of this tunnel if there is an end.

This song is the only one left for your wedding:

All the best Salam and good luck in this life
Yours truly

My friend left the above list with the original and the nick names but I had to remove the original ones.
**** : it’s a bad habit people do in weddings.


Yasmin (Blanche) said...

a&eiraqi welcome back..
i can sense how u feel blv me.. i spoke to 2 of my relatives in Baghgdadt today aadn i ve been feeling sad insdie all day..they were happy that someone is calling but their voice was down and depressed.. they all ask only for Duaa.. thats what we do .. but i cant take them off my mind..
i suppose yr freind is doing the right thing, cause for them life has to go on, no matter what..
we all pray there will b a glimpse of light in the end of tunnel soon, we too r feeling down and watanless and despearte.. nthing compared to their suffering of course.. but i myself dont know either how much longer i will b able to go on ..
inshallah yr freind s wedding would b the beginning of a series of continuos happy events .. ameen..
take care..

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

Ya Ghae Trabech Kafoori is one of my favorutes.. i adore this song..
thanks a&eiraqi..