Sunday, 23 November 2008

Heading to Haj

Dear all

I'm inshjallah going to Haj tomorrow, I can't belive that I'm only one day away from the Holly Land.
I'm so excited and unable to express but it's really a big dream coming true.

I'll be away for three weeks and will hoepfully write later about it.

Please stay safe

I'll be praying for you.




Abbas Hawazin said...

have a safe journey.

Anand said...

Enjoy the Haj. I would very much like to go one day, although I am not a muslim. The Haj must be a very holy and auspicious place.

Your excitement is well merited. Stay safe. The crowds can be immense

Tara said...

ان شالله حج مبرور
و ذنب مغفور
و سعي مشكور

و ان شالله كل دعائك مستجاب

مبروك ياحجي

العــــــراقيــــــــــــــــــــــــــه said...

حج مبرور وذنب مغفور ان شاء الله