Monday, 15 September 2008

A Reply to a Friend

It all started with a polite and kind e-mail I received; a person who was always nice to me at my blog, never been rude, never tried to insult and did his best to fill the gap.

"A&E, I thought I would check by e-mail since I wasn't sure you would want me to leave a comment. Were you able to find a new Job? Well, we are all rooting for you. Know that.
Glad your sister got married. Awesome. :-) I also wish I could have been to Venezia with you.

I think I told you this already, but I am very sorry about the mistakes my country made in Iraq that hurt Iraqis. But I am hopeful that Iraq will rise to greater heights than ever before soon. :-)
Cheers Friend,

(can I call you Abhoiya? I don't know if you will be offended. So I will call you friend instead".)

The impolite me haven't replied to the e-mail yes; been very busy, moving to Manchester, trying to sort my life and many other reasons could be used for excuse.
In fact; I've been loading thoughts, everyday or probably every second

In the last month, I had lots of events in my life; most of them made me get more upset.
The day I arrived to Manchester, I met (S); the beautiful friend of my mother and aunts, she has got her particular story which I've mentioned before.
A mother of five is what she used to be, a broken heart ghost of lady with one son is who she is now.
Still dressed in black, still repeating every second of the event, she has got nothing else to talk about.

(S) was at home; with her big family, surrounded by her five children, not living in military base, not a member of the Iraqi intelligence system, her husband wasn't a member in Ba'ath either.

They started bombing, everyone was scared, and they decided to sit in the centre of their house, just to be away from the windows.
All lied down, sleeping beside each other, supporting and encouraging the scared ones, praying to Allah, asking him to let them seeing the next day.

They exactly chose the spot where the rocket fallen, they all disappeared together, the (lucky/unfortunate) S didn't have a place in the middle, she had to sleep close to the door with her two sons.

In a second; everyone was in a big hole, the shocked S turned around, jumped and just before shouting, she saw on e of the two sons being hit by a piece of furniture due to the blow, unfortunately he also gone.

I'm unable to find a word which can figure out how she feels; her image comes to my mind whenever I remember Geoff Hoon, the [U.K.] Defence Secretary, suggested (April 4, 2003) that mothers of Iraqi children killed by cluster bombs would “one day” thank Britain for their use.

I'm pretty sure she does not.

What I've got to admit here is; I've never met any British person who said that he agrees with this war; many said that they feel ashamed that there country participated in destroying a country like Iraq.

Yet; having a word with a mother from the other side showed who I've become now.
I always admire the mother for being a mother; she had committed no sin, and she can't be but a mother.
Sitting close to her she raised the question (where are you from?); Iraq was my spontaneous reply.
"Oh, that is where my son going in few weeks, look here is his photo on the wall".
While staring g at the solder's photo I lost my smile.
"Don't send him there, he will be killed"
The shocked mother didn't know what to say, I could see the fear in her eyes, her mouth was opened and she was struggling for a word.
"But, he is a nice boy! He didn't do anything wrong?!"
"Maybe, but he is dressed like the ones who are killing, raping, torturing and destroying, what do you think people would show him but hate, they will never hesitate killing him"
She just tried to end the discussion as she was really scared
"He is only 18, and I can't do anything about it, I believe that they shouldn't be sent there, I'm really against this war".

I've got to admit that I showed no sympathy to that poor mother; I couldn't pretend having any, I was really out of.
"You shouldn't have asked at the first place" was my last statement.

How come you expect me to have any sympathy when I hear that cancer incidence is increasing in Iraq due to the depleted Uranium?
Illiteracy is escalating since the invasion; Iraq is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Back to the friend; you said you feel sorry for "the mistakes", no my friend, Americans don't do mistakes; they commit crimes, there is a big difference in between the two words.

We might forgive a mistake, but we should never let it go with the crimes.
The American crimes destroyed everything in our lives; killed millions of our children, and deprived generations from the hope.
This is not to be forgiven.

Still; they've got the power and they can kill more, yet, we can hurt them and we will do.
Sorry my friend but we're on two sides of the front; wish we don't meat each other.

In the anniversary of 11/09; I've got no sympathy; I just wish I live to see more attacks, more destruction, to the Hell U.S


3eeraqimedic said...

I tend to agree, people who live in freedom with opportunities, yet CHOOSE a career within or affiliated to an "army" or rather in the state funded murder of weaker nations deserve what they get (preferably lifelong mental and physical ill health, but failing that maybe a painful death)

Don Cox said...

"How come you expect me to have any sympathy when I hear that cancer incidence is increasing in Iraq due to the depleted Uranium?" _____ That one at least is a myth which you can stop worrying about. Uranium itself is toxic as a chemical, but the radioactivity is negligible. And there is no obvious way that Uranium dust would spread from the places where tank battles happened to the rest of the country. If cancer is increasing in Iraq, it is much more likely to be caused by smoking cigarettes. The real health problem to worry about in Iraq is the state of the water supplies and sewage treatment.

A&Eiraqi said...

Don Cox

So; Leukemia is increasing among very young children because they smoke a lot!!!!

And Breast cancer has increased in a scaring way just after 1991
war because women who don't smoke been considered as smokers!!!

A&Eiraqi said...

Don Cox
Wish reading through this could explain: