Monday, 22 September 2008

Ten minutes jumping

The day I left Baghdad; I refused to hug him, I promised that we're going to meet again the day after.
I simply ran away without saying good bye; I wasn't strong enough to say it, and deep inside I had a strange feeling that we would meet again.
I'm talking here about N, this is not a friend, he is much more than that, he is my second half, the brother who I don't share blood with, or as Saif described it
"The soul's mate" who we've been friends for over 11 years now.

The long distance never kept us away from each other; it was just very difficult to see each other.
Soon after I left; he packed and moved to Kurdistan looking for a safer life.
Never settled there and never felt comfortable, his dreams were much farther.

Struggled many times to get to Europe but failed, yet, never gave up, and here we are:

A month ago, with difficulty, taking all the risks, traveling through one country to another, he managed to reach Holland.
I couldn't believe it! He is close now, a matter of 1 hour flight, it's quite easy to be there, we're going to see each other again, thanks God.

I started looking forward for the soonest possible off day to go, and it was last Friday.
Finishing the 4 night shifts I had to do, I packed my bag in few minutes and rushed from Manchester to Liverpool were I had to take to the plane.

On my way; I had flashes from the past, him being threatened by the security forces, there weapons were pointed to his neck, when I started shouting and threatening.
We were always ready to die together, he never let me down.

As soon as I landed there started looking for the moment that we meet; it wasn't long after:
"I've promised you that we would meet again, that's why I didn't say good bye"
That what I said when we hugged each other.

"You haven't been changed at all" that was his first sentence.

In two and a half days; we talked about everything, every moment that we spent away from each other, every problem, every challenge and every new person we met in those two years.

We walked out, we lied down on the grass, we played, laughed, sang and ate, we had really fun.
While chatting we tried to count all our friends and where they're now; it was really shocking that; not less than 50% of the ones, who were graduated in our year are not working for the ministry of Health now.
And the last thing was going out in Den Haag "Lahai"
Where we found that childish jumping place, I never denied being a child, did I?
We went in, paid the fee and started jumping, up and up, never stopped for ten minutes.

In those ten minutes I kept looking at him, the same smile, the same gestures, and the same childish behavior.
I closed my eyes and found myself sitting in his black small car (the one he used to have in Baghdad), as he used to come everyday, ringing the bell, and then we both disappear.
Going out, drinking special juice from (14th of Ramadan street), chatting, listening to songs, eating Falafel or Lahmb3ajeen, and then going back, sit in the car, keep talking, talking about love, friends and future plans.
By that time; the ten minutes were over and we had to leave.
I left the place, I had to hug him as he took the train, but still feel like sitting in the car.
I left him there but sure will see him again.
"No matter when or where, there is only one world, where we both are living, whenever you need me; you'll find me around, you'll find my hand stretched and my heart opened…..see you soon".
Will never say Good Bye.

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