Tuesday, 22 July 2008

With them again

I kept looking at her while she was trying to find the bored and check when my flight would arrive.
I've just arrived yesterday from my annual leave; I went to Gulf where my family is being gathered at the moment, they were the best days I had for a long time; I enjoyed every second, and do regret coming back, yet, I had to or as it was described by someone; it's for my future.

I did my best not to waste the time; left work at 06:30 p.m to be at the airport by 08:00 p.m and flying by 10:30p.m; that meant being with them as early as possible.

As soon as we arrived to our house; I met my two sisters and my grandfather; the family is together again, what a fun, I can't describe how happy I was, I really miss that moment.

We did everything together, we went for shopping, we visited our friends and we sat together on one table to eat: I've been eating lonely for a long time.

Well; my parents daily arguments were part of the fun we were having, everyday the used to argue about something new, and trying to find a different reason for the next day argument, the first argument was about their wedding 30 years ago and the very last one was about who had the chance to spend more time with me!!

Going out with my mother and sisters was more than great, it's just very warm to feel being with them.

And fun started when we went skiing; a very little girl looked at me asking "Don't you know how to ski?" "Of course I do", I immediately replied; she saw me about to fall six times after that chat.

A couple of days later we went to the fun land, while taking the shaking flying chairs, it suddenly stopped!! "Excuse me; are you scared?!" the rude operator stopped the game and was directing his question to me, "No, I'm not" I replied with frustration to his impolite question, "Look, in case you're scared, I can stop shaking your chair and make it just flying not going up and down", "Yes, please do it" was my sister's reply. I wasn't scared at all, but that rude guy noticed that I was holding the handle very tightly and putting my head down, fixing it by my arm while my eyes were closed, later on my mother told me that it was very funny that only my chair was fixed!!

Just one day before flying back we had a special visit from our dearest friends in Saudi Arabia, we had a wonderful time together and everyone enjoyed my mother special dishes.

I'm really unable to express how I felt; it was more than a great time, I noticed how my father was behaving.

We went to buy special sweet (Halawa) when he spoke to the guy saying "look, this my son, he is a doctor, he works in England, he will take those sweat with him, so we want something special with extra nuts".
The same words were told to the butcher, the grocer and to everyone he met, it was the first time I saw him not able to control his emotions, he is probably getting old.

And just on our way to the airport, I listened to his words, few words which made my year……

"Dear son….. I want you to know that your mother and I have got no one to rely on but Allah and you, I'm quite happy with your hard work and I'm really satisfy about you but……never hesitate to help people, whenever you do, Allah will pay you back.

I want you to learn as much as possible and to be in love with science, try to read as much as possible, you're not expected to write a research now but you can read one.
As much as you work hard as much as you get more knowledge and always remember what Immam Shafi said:
كلما أدبني الدهر أراني ضعف عقلي...........وكلما زادني علما" زادني علما" بجهلي
Whenever life taught me it showed how little my brain is and whenever it tried to improve my knowledge it tells how ignorant I was.

I want you to treat every patient you get with honor, never ever forget that you're a doctor and have got a great mission in your life.
And please; give my regards to Dr. M, tell her that we're unable to pay her back for what she did with you, but Allah will do, the almighty always does."

His words were the best I heard in my life; it's always my dream to get my parents satisfaction, I know that I've got to work hard to maintain what I've got.

Those days were brilliant, and yet…I'm back …..Waiting to see them again…..maybe in a year time…..Oh my God


Abbas Hawazin said...

glad you're having fun...with Bamiya to boot.

A&Eiraqi said...

Thanks a lot Abbas

Take care

Tara said...

Refreshing !
Holidays & family gathering are real life..

Being with people who realy love us & care about us adds strength to our souls..

Glad for you ..
& I liked ur fatehr's words so much.

A&Eiraqi said...

Mnay thanks Tara
Nothing like being with them