Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Halal's delusions

"So, you don't eat from McDonald's, you've never tried Burger king or any
Of these ones, what do you eat?"

That was my father mocking at me when I told him that I don't eat but Halal food.
He didn't imagine that I don't buy meat from supermarkets, don't eat from the famous take away restaurants or anywhere unless I read the word Halal written somewhere...

This is a particularly interesting subject to me as I feel torn about it; I myself don't believe in the concept of Halal food, yet I can't eat anything else.

For those who don't understand what I'm talking about, Halal is a term used to describe whatever permitted in Islam, the term has been used by people to describe the meat that was slaughtered according to the Islamic way.

I couldn't find anything about Halal food in the Holly Qura'n or the history of Islam.
Thinking further; in case Muslims used to eat their own meat slaughtered by them, how about the ones who used to travel? Did they used to be vegetarian?!

Thinking that way, I decided about 18 months ago that as soon as I leave London, I would start eat every type of meat regardless it's Halal or not.
And truly the place I lived in was pure English where you can't find any Halal meat, I went to the closest supermarket, but simply couldn't buy the meat, I realized that there is some sort of phobia which I'm unable to control, I spent two moths eating fish and vegetables and tasting meat only when invited to the consultant's house.
Well; it didn't last long and soon as I changed my place I got a place where I can buy Halal meat.
The only point to support the matter of Halal food is t e fact that; some of the animals are being strangulated rather than slaughtered which is not allowed in Islam.

With the time going I realized that the word itself is a source of profit; it's enough to write it on the front door of your shop, and you'll attract all the Muslims to buy from you. And strangely I found that in most of the cities I visited in Europe.

I'm sure that eating meat is not something Allah would punish us for, I'm 90% confident that the whole matter of Halal food is hoax, yet, I'm unable to put anything else in my mouth; it's probably the Halal's delusions.
What do you think?
The photo above is from Venice.


Tara said...

this is contraversial in my family.
My brother is in UK ince 4 yrs & he does not allow his children to eat but HALAL meat.
My father, me & my husband eat freely as this concept is not practical & I believe that our religon is easy & not meant to make our life difficult.
I lived on HARAM food for two weeks earlier this month when I was in UK.
وبصراحة ضميري ماعذبني و لاشي
مامعقولة الاسلام يخلينا نجوع هيجي
اصلا ماكو محلات حلال بالمكانات اللي كنا نتجول بيها
و احنا كنا نتجول طول اليوم
شلون يعني ؟

A&Eiraqi said...

You made me laugh.
I agree with you but obviously you're more brave than I.

Well done;
Never feel guilty about it.

Anonymous said...

"اصلا ماكو محلات حلال بالمكانات "
If ever you are stuck for Halal meat try Kosher butchers. The Mulla and his Moslem community in my neighborhood buy their meat at the local butcher shop.

I enjoy reading this blog.
Regards from Iraqi Jew.

Tara said...

ما أحب تصعيب الامور
يعني حتى الحجاب بالخارج
شكله غريب
الناس ماشين بالشورتات و المسلمات مغطين شعرهم ووجههم

احس كلشي بمكانه يكون مناسب

اصدقاء اخوية بالنرويج يروحون للسويد حتى يشترون لحم

و اخويه ساكن بكنت و يروح للندن حتى يشتري لحم

معقول ؟

Iraqi Jew,
Regards from Iraqi Muslim

Bassam Sebti said...

If I eat nothing but Halal food in America, I might starve to death. The closest only store with halal meat was about 40 min. from where I lived previously in Philadelphia. Now that I'm in Washington DC, the closest store is in Maryland, about an hour from where I live! There is only one Iranian restaurant close to me where Halal food is served, but it's so expensive that the restaurant is almost empty!

So say Bismillah and twakal al Allah and eat anything. إن الله غفور رحيم