Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Annonyomous

I've been asked a lot about what A&E means, many asked what my real name is and how do I look like.

Here you go
Whoever wants to see me; I'm here in this video:

And A&E is Acute and Emergency medicine, the specialty which I'm in love with and the place which reminds me of myself back home.

Whoever doesn't like that name can call me Hussam; it was the first name I used in my life.


Yasmin (Blanche) said...

dear a&e iraqi,
That was So touching.. So beautiful.. i dont know what to say.. the fotos, the freinds, the Real joy that shows in ev picture w freinds.. true freinds.. i found myself mesmerized in front of the comp.. its Yr freinds and Yr fotos, but the video took me back to My freinds and My life in lovely lovely Baghdad..
i feel i want to cry..
that was so beautiful.. thank u for sharing it w us..

Abbas Hawazin said...

so why did you decide to disclose yourself now all of a sudden?