Wednesday, 29 November 2006


As one of many young Iraqi doctors , I had the dream of leaving my country and living abroad. Eventually my dream came true.
After a few months of living a very good life in a cosmopolitan city “London”,
I’ve got a strange feeling. I realized that I was missing something.

AL-Yarmook hospital, lack of the supplements, complicated hierarchy, and poor anxious desperate people, to who I did my best to lull and help.
A special smile, which expresses thankfulness and a few words with which people pray to Allah asking him to give his mercy to my parents.
Neighbors, who didn’t mind knocking my door even at midnight seeking for help.
Friends who always supported me and I supported them.
The Iraqi poetry which, I recall wherever I go. That sadness which covers every aspect of our life.
I’ve never imagined that I would be indulged in such feelings, but I do.
I miss IRAQ

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Welcome to the UK, welcome to homesickness, welcome to el-ghurba. Time will ease and alter the pain, but it will never erase it. Good luck