Friday, 7 August 2009


They've always claimed it was a liberation.
Here it tells how free and dignified Iraqis have been!!!


CMAR II said...

This is about almost 2 years old when the police were riddled with JAM who ran criminal rackets, targeted non-Mahdi Iraqis, and yes plotted the murders of their US trainers. Nice to know that anti-liberation propaganda has not abated even after the SOFA.

You're right. It wasn't a liberation. It was a horrible criminal thing to depose Saddam and his sons and their butt-licking cronies. They should all be brought back from Syria and put back in power. Saddam's body should be dug up and brought back to his palace. Want to back me on this?

Muhannad said...

These police needed to be lectured.

Some Iraqis will complain about anything. Some Iraqis are quite stupid, wallah.